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Rap Music Performance

​This site will grow into a  hub for music, art, culture, social issues, and education on subjects such as finance, cryptocurrency, NFT’s, and more coming soon here at  Bad Boy of Good Talk. 



Darrell Jones was convicted for a crime he didn’t commit at  the age of 18 and served 32 years before he was exonerated with factual  evidence.


To Guide Through the Suffering

The Bad Boy of Good Talk provides the knowledge and tools to  get through any kind of suffering, depression, loneliness, financial  hardship, and many other challenging situations we go through in life.

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Being incarcerated didn't stop him from being productive. He built the "True Magazine" from the inside and won 2 United Nations awards such as “What is Beautiful Never Dies,” and also won 3 awards from the LA Film festival. He also focused on giving back to the community by writing a curriculum for inner city kids, titled, “Behind the Walls.” As an advocate of justice, freedom and equality through organizations such as “The Innocent Convicts,” “The Innocence Network,” partnering with politicians and leaders in the community, some of Darrell’s goals are to provide tactics of hope to inspire people, guide them through the suffering, and to help bring other innocent people home. Utilizing music, arts, culture, and education, Darrell is working with many organizations creating hope and inspiration for everyone no matter what level of suffering they may have gone through or are still going through. To provide hope and the tools to move forward, improve mental health, financial well-being, reach back in and get others out is a long-term commitment that Darrell is laser-focused on and acknowledges God as his inspiration.

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